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Last Call

Travel Prep and Pack Lists for Europe

Get it all together with this total punch list.

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Carpe diem. Vivere bene! Gratia Deo.

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Check now or regret later.

Hey! The taxi is waiting! What did you forget?

Here is a last-minute set of checklists to help ease you into your tiny seat on that big silver bird. I can hear the engines revving up already. Oh, what a thrilling sound. Then we bounce down the runway, the power of those engines throwing us back in our seats. Then it's up and up and up. The earth drops away. The loud clank of the wheel assemblies being retracted into the belly of the bird gives us a short shudder. She smoothes out as we rise into the Luft above the clouds, to arrive tomorrow at a distant place on our third sphere. Ah, the genius of the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur.

Oops, I got carried away there. Let's get back to Earth for a minute and look at what you need to do and pack to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in distant lands.

Not all of this is last minute stuff. You will want to do some of these things at least a day, or maybe months, in advance. Remove the N/A stuff as you see fit. E.g., if you don't have a dog scratch out the kennel line item.

If you have questions or suggestions please see NOTE TO READERS below.

For your records

Keep your essential logistics data handy.

Last Call

If it was not for the last minute a lot of things would not get done. anon.

Give my regards to Boulevard Saint Germain!

Have a good trip, and a good trip in life!

Budgeted Expenses

You'll need plenty of cash or credit to cover all of this.
Reference: Chapter 2

Basic Biggies

Thirty Miscellaneous Cost Items

Packing Lists

What to pack and what to pack it in.


Don't be a burro. Let it roll.
Reference: Chapter 7


Key words —> layers, layers, layers, and scarf.
Season, gender, and locale dependent, and including what you are wearing.
References: Chapter 5, Chapter 29, and Weather 5.

Personal Care Items

Look your best.
Reference: Chapter 6

Laundry Supplies

Scrub-a-dub, or stink, or send it out.
Reference: Chapter 6

Traveler's Supplies

Hardware for the road.
Reference: Chapter 6

Repair Kit

For when your stuff breaks down.
Reference: Chapter 6

Guidebooks, Maps, Dictionaries

Know where you are going.
When you get there know how to say "Good day," "Please," "Thank you," and "See you later."
Practice them constantly.
Reference: Chapter 10

Electrical Hardware

Plugging in is not easy to do. In fact it is a continuing pain in the neck.
Reference: Chapter 11.
Source: euro-shoppe.

Photographic Equipment

Bring back the memories.
Reference: Chapter 12.

Health and First Aid

Fixing up the body when it is feeling bad.
Reference: Chapter 6 and Chapter 20.

In Your Pockets

NEVER put these items in your luggage, tote, or purse.


Stash your cash and passport.
Reference: Chapter 3 and Chapter 8.


Can't live without it.
Reference: Chapter 8 and Euro and Other Currencies.


If you can not prove who you are you are nobody.
Reference: Chapter 3, Chapter 18, and Chapter 20.


No ticket = no ride.
Reference: Chapter 4, Chapter 14, Chapter 17, and Chapter 18.

Travel Records and Communications

Write it down for your posterity.
Reference: Chapter 9.

Now it's time for High Flight.

Have a good trip!


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