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Travel Prep and Pack Lists for Europe
Get it all together with this total punch list.

Carpe diem. Vivere bene! Gratia Deo.

HOW TO EUROPE: The Complete Travelers Handbook - - Appendix - -

John Bermont, Chef du Site, www.enjoy-europe.com

This entire book is published gratis on-line by the author, photographer, and webmaster, John Bermont, a DIY job with help from my daughter Stephanie. I welcome all questions, comments, and complaints.
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Check now or regret later.

Hey! The taxi is waiting! What did you forget?

Here is a last-minute set of checklists to help ease you into your tiny seat on that big silver bird. I can hear the engines revving up already. Oh, what a thrilling sound. Suddenly we're going, bouncing down the runway, 100,000 horsepower throwing us back in our seats. Then it's up and up and up. The earth drops away. The loud clank of the wheel assemblies being retracted into the belly of the bird gives us a short shudder. She smoothes out as we rise into the Luft above the clouds, to arrive tomorrow at a distant place on our third sphere. Ah, the genius of the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur.

Oops, I got carried away there. Let's get back to Earth for a minute and look at what you need to do and pack to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in distant lands.

Not all of this is last minute stuff. You will want to do some of these things at least a day, or maybe months, in advance. Remove the N/A stuff as you see fit. E.g., if you don't have a dog scratch out the kennel line item.

+ For your records . . . . . . . . .
Keep your essential logistics data handy.

  • Trip Dates:

  • Itinerary:

  • Flights, times, confirmation number:

  • Hotel reservations, confirmation number:

  • Auto rental or rail pass:

+ Checklist . . . . . . . . .
If it was not for the last minute a lot of things would not get done. anon.

  • Your ride to the airport —> did you call the taxi, shuttle, or best friend you are leaving behind?
    • Company
    • Phone number
    • Date/Time
    • Pick-up confirmed by
    • People forget. Call and verify a few hours before pick-up time.
  • Is your passport valid for 3 months beyond your intended return date?
  • Make three copies of the mug page of your passport.
  • Make sure you have your address book, in your travel journal or in your electronic device with a back-up on a flash drive.
  • Mail. Stop delivery. Give vacation hold or forwarding instructions to the Post Office, or have a friend or neighbor save it for you.
  • Phone. Change to vacation hold.
  • Stop newspaper delivery.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to pick up advert flyers which get thrown on your doorstep.
  • Unplug unnecessary electrical appliances, e.g. toaster, microwave, computer, iron, washer, dryer, etc.
  • Turn on your bathroom light.
  • Put several other lamps on automatic on-off timers.
  • Shut off main water valve. Open a low faucet to drain pipes.
  • Set thermostat to 40oF heat (winter) or 100oF cool (summer).
  • Set hot water tank temperature to lowest allowable.
  • Secure house plants.
  • Kennel or loan pets.
  • Arrange for snow shoveling, leaf raking, or lawn mowing, depending on the season.
  • Do NOT blab on Facebook or anywhere that you will be out of town for weeks or months. Nobody but your momma needs to know where you are. Save your bragging for your return.
  • Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home and to call police if men start moving furniture. I know two people who have had their houses totally cleaned out by unknown "movers" while they were overseas.
  • Lock up windows and doors, including second floor. Put jammer bars in sliding glass doors and windows. Remove hidden door keys. Use door stops/alarms on side and rear doors.
  • Haircut, hairdo, manicure, beard trim.
  • Travel food and beverages. Pack a snack.
  • Wash your car. Change oil, change coolant, and disconnect battery. Put it up on blocks if you will be gone for more than a month.
  • Make arrangements to keep current on your rent or mortgage, phone bills, utility bills, insurances, ISP, etc.
  • Make a paper copy of the front and back of your credit cards, ATM cards, insurance cards, drivers license, and airline frequent flyer cards. Also scan these cards and keep the images on a flash drive. Write the non-800 contact number and user ID next to each. Keep passwords and PINs separate.
  • Call your credit card companies and banks to let them know that you will be using their rip-off services while you are gallivanting around Europe.
  • Clean out your wallet or purse. Leave unnecessary cards home.
  • If you are traveling with a friend bring PoP --> Plenty of Patience.
  • Review the next batch of lists. These lists are designed for the long term independent traveler. Most people will not need everything listed. The lists look to be very long, but it is all small stuff. Once you get it all assembled you can leave much of it in your suitcase for a quick departure the next time.
  • Do not forget to lock the front door on your way out.
Give my regards to Boulevard Saint Germain!

Have a good trip, and a good trip in life!

+ Budgeted Expenses . . . . . . . . .
You'll need plenty of cash or credit to cover all of this.
Reference: Chapter 2, part 1 and Chapter 2, part 2.

Basic Biggies

  • lodging
  • food
  • air transportation
  • inter-city ground transportation

Thirty Miscellaneous Cost Items

  • passport
  • luggage
  • guidebooks
  • maps
  • souvenirs
  • gifts
  • toilet charges
  • luggage locker fees
  • guitar case donations
  • laundry
  • money changing
  • camera memory chips or film
  • city open-top bus tours
  • museum and castle admissions
  • cinema, theater, jazz clubs
  • city bus, tram, and metro tickets
  • taxis
  • bike rental
  • telephone calls
  • internet time
  • café beverages
  • smokes
  • postage
  • postcards
  • toothpaste
  • soap
  • medicine
  • taxes
  • new walking shoes
  • new travel clothes
  • casino losses
  • pickpocket losses
  • ____________________
  • ____________________

+ Packing Lists . . . . . . . . .
What to pack and what to pack it in.

Don't be a burro. Let it roll.
Reference: Chapter 7

  • soft-side bag, max 22"x14"x9" with wheels
  • shoulder tote
  • two gallon ZipLoc® bags
  • wire ties
  • Optional
    • packing cubes
    • backpack (for burro wannabees)
  • ___________________
  • ___________________

Key words —> layers, layers, layers, and scarf.
Season, gender, and locale dependent, including what you are wearing.
References: Chapter 5, Chapter 29, and Weather 5.

  • umbrella
  • raincoat/windbreaker/overcoat
  • jacket or suit
  • two shirts or blouses
  • two slacks or skirts
  • four sets underwear
  • shoes
  • extra pair of casual shoes, sandals, or walkers
  • belt
  • turtle neck shirt/sweater
  • scarf
  • gloves
  • Optional
    • walking shorts, cargo style
    • collared t-shirt
    • swimsuit
    • sun glasses
  • _______________
  • _______________

Personal Care Items
Look your best.
Girls, I know you need more. If you are of the female persuasion and would like to contribute a "pack light" list for this web site please send it in with the credit by-line you would like the world to see on line. Please do not copy from someone else.
Reference: Chapter 6

  • safety razor
  • razor blades
  • wash cloth
  • nail clippers
  • emery boards
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • comb or brush
  • soap
  • toilet paper or pack of tissues
  • vinegar
  • vodka
  • Optional
    • dental floss
    • shoe horn
    • dual voltage electric razor
    • dual voltage hair blower
    • dual voltage hair straightener
    • dual voltage curler
    • dual voltage iron
    • cosmetics
    • shave cream
    • after shave
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________

Laundry Supplies
Scrub-a-dub, or stink, or send it out.
Reference: Chapter 6

  • Optional
    • Woolite®
    • clothes line
    • clothes pins
    • latex gloves
    • shoe polish
    • shoe brush
  • _______________
  • _______________

Traveler's Supplies
Hardware for the road.
Reference: Chapter 6

  • alarm chronograph
  • calculator
  • can opener
  • coin purse
  • compass
  • condoms
  • earplugs
  • envelopes
  • flashlight
  • GPS device
  • mirror
  • money belt
  • pen & spare refill
  • plastic bags
  • plastic utensils
  • portable radio
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • tape measure
  • telescope or binoculars
  • toothpicks
  • water cup immersion heater
  • wire ties, small black
  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________

Repair Kit
For when your stuff breaks down.
Reference: Chapter 6

  • glue
  • needles and threads
  • safety pins
  • latex gloves
  • oil
  • scissors
  • string, nylon
  • strapping tape, NOT duct tape!
  • tweezers
  • Optional
    • Leatherman tool
    • screwdrivers
    • pliers
    • wrench
  • _______________
  • _______________
  • _______________

Guidebooks, Maps, Dictionaries
Know where you are going. When you get there know how to say:
"Good day"
"Thank you"
"See you later."
Practice them constantly.
Reference: Chapter 10

  • guidebook(s)
  • maps
  • pocket dictionaries
  • Optional
    • rail timetable
    • pocket phrase books
    • GPS device
  • _______________
  • _______________

Electrical Hardware
Plugging in is not easy to do. In fact it is a continuing pain in the neck.
Reference: Chapter 11.

  • plug adapter(s)
  • Optional
    • power surge strip, 250 volt
    • transformer
    • rechargeable batteries
    • battery charger
    • _______________
    • _______________
  • NEVER use a "converter" for anything — NEVER, EVER, NEVER!!.

Photographic Equipment
Bring back the memories.
Reference: Chapter 12.

  • point and shoot digital camera
  • P&S camera pouch
  • lens cleaning cloth
  • bean bag
  • batteries a/o battery charger
  • plug adapter
  • extra memory chips
  • mini tripod and/or C-clamp
  • camera instruction manual
  • Optional
    • digital SLR camera
    • ~20 to ~200 mm zoom lens
    • lens cover
    • polarizing filter
    • remote shutter release
    • selfie stick
  • _______________
  • _______________

Health and First Aid
Fixing up the body when it is feeling bad.
Reference: Chapter 6 and Chapter 20.

  • general pain relief — aspirin, Ibuprofen®, Tylenol®
  • adhesive bandages — Band-Aid®
  • antiseptic cream — Neosporin®
  • lip balm
  • skin pain relief — vinegar, IPA, Oragel®, Lanacane®
  • antihistamine — Fexofenadine
  • stomach pain relief — Lomotil®, Pepto-Bismol®
  • stress — valerian (NOT Valium!)
  • vitamins and supplements
  • vodka
  • Dr. Hennessy
  • _______________
  • _______________

+ In Your Pockets . . . . . . . . .
NEVER put these items in your luggage, tote, or purse.

Stash your cash and passport.
Reference: Chapter 3 and Chapter 8.

  • money belt
  • RFID blocking wallet

Can't live without it.
Reference: Chapter 8 and Euro and Other Currencies.

  • cash
  • credit cards
  • ATM cards
  • Optional
    • travelers cheques
    • personal checks
  • _______________
  • _______________

If you can not prove who you are you are a nobody.
Reference: Chapter 3, Chapter 18, and Chapter 20.

  • passport and three copies
  • driver's license
  • school I.D. card
  • AYH card (for HI hostels)
  • insurance card(s)
  • business cards
  • frequent flyer cards
  • Optional
    • international driving permit (IDP)
    • international certificates of vaccination
    • visas
    • corporate or institutional I.D. badge
    • AAA Card
    • family photos
  • _______________
  • _______________

No ticket = no ride.
Reference: Chapter 4, Chapter 14, Chapter 17, and Chapter 18.

  • boarding pass or confirmation number
  • hotel confirmation fax or email
  • rail pass
  • car rental reservation confirmation
  • _______________
  • _______________

+ Travel Records . . . . . . . . .
Write it down for your posterity.
Reference: Chapter 9.

  • travel record book
  • receipts envelopes
  • Optional
    • audio tape recorder
    • digital video recorder
    • blog or FaceBook
    • netbook or laptop computer
    • LAN cable
    • Skype
    • flash drive
    • tablet
    • cell phone
  • _______________
  • _______________

Now it's time for High Flight.

Have a good trip!

The Complete Travelers Handbook
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
First home in Holland on the Spaarne River in Haarlem.
What's It All About?
Travel Like a Native In Europe

Chapter 2, Part 1
Bank notes used in many European countries.
On Budget in Europe
Travel Costs: How Much?

Chapter 2, Part 2
Spreadsheet of cost for four days in Paris.
Europe on WHAT! Per Day?
My Actual Expenses

Chapter 3
Typical passport entry and exit stamps.
Passport and Visas
Identity and Travel Documents for Europe

Chapter 4
KLM airplanes at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Holland.
Flying to Europe
Travel Starts at the Airport

Chapter 5
Students at the University of Leiden, Netherlands.
What to Wear in Europe
Your Best Travel Clothes
for All Occasions

Chapter 6 Part 1
Old school backpackers and modern time travelers with a roller bag.
Pack Light Field Test
Travel Europe in Comfort and Style

Chapter 6 Part 2
Pack your toothbrush, hair blower, vinegar, and toilet paper in a day bag.
Personal Care Items
Pack Your Toothbrush, Hair Blower, Toilet Paper, and Vinegar.

Chapter 6 Part 3
Travel Supplies
Small Stuff Packing List

Chapter 6 Part 4
Bringing Valuables to Europe
Not in Your Luggage or Purse

Chapter 7
Soft side roller suit cases. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/DSCN0101-BrandedBags-260-3.jpg
Luggage for Europe
Pack Light, Let It Roll

Chapter 8 Part 1
Pickpocket warning banner in Amsterdam. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/08-DSCN2791-3.jpg
Pickpockets in Europe
They're Everywhere

Chapter 8 Part 2
An ATM in Milano, Italy
ATMs in Europe
Machines Dispense Travel Cash

Chapter 8 Part 3
Cash and cards to pay your way in Europe
Cash and Credit
Paying Your Way in Europe

Chapter 8 Part 4
Exchange rates are posted where money is exchanged.
Money Potpourri
Cash, Coins, Transfer, Barter

Chapter 9
My travel log book is never out of reach.
Your Travel Diary of Europe
Blog It

Chapter 10
Part of my library of guide books, maps, and dictionaries.
Europe Guide Books
Reviews of Tomes for Travelers

Chapter 11, Part 1
Voltage cycles of American and converted European electricity.
Electric Converters in Europe
Why You Should
NEVER Use a Converter

Chapter 11, Part 2
Various outlet designs in Europe require different plug adapters.
European Electricity
Outlets, Plugs, Converters, Adapters, Voltage, Power, Frequency, Watts.

Chapter 12
The Austrian Alps from Hall-In-Tyrol, just east of Innsbruck.
Photography in Europe
Take Your Best Shot

Chapter 13
Elizabeth being gifted by a police officer in Istanbul Turkey.
Bring a Smile
Travel Europe in Good Attitude

Chapter 14
The bed of my cozy cute cheap B+B in Cardiff Wales
Hotels, B&Bs, Hostels, Homes
European Travelers' Sleep Options

Chapter 15
The beautiful Montparnasse 1900 restaurant, Paris 6th, France. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/12-1204-3.jpg
Eating In Europe
Travel on Thy Belly

Chapter 16
The city bus depot in Cardiff Wales. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/16-DSCN0917-3.jpg
City Transport in Europe
Bus, Streetcar, Subway, Taxi, Bike, Shoe, Gondola

Chapter 17, part 1,
An ICE high speed train parked at Amsterdam's Centraal Station. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/171-P1230436f-3.jpg
Trains in Europe
A Rail Primer

Chapter 17, part 2,
The train departure board at Brussels' Zuid/Midi train station.
European Rail Stations
Finding Your Way

Chapter 17, part 3,
The signboard of this rail car indicates a night train.
Night Trains in Europe
Sleeping City to City

Chapter 17, part 4,
The Silja Symphony ferry servicing Stockholm Sweden and Helsinki Finland (Suomi).
Europe's Boat and Bus Services
High Seas Ferry, Highway Coach

Chapter 18, part 1
The Avenue des Champs Elysees in Paris France. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/18-0440-3.jpg
European Auto Rental
Details and Documentation

Chapter 18, part 2
Stop in Cyrillic and in American at an intersection in Kiev, Ukraine.
Driving in Europe
Back Alley to Blazing Autobahn

Chapter 18, part 3
London traffic is as bad as it gets.
Driving Habits and Laws
Police, Speed Limits, Tailgaters

Chapter 18, part 4
An Amsterdam police officer places a wheel clamp on an illegally parked car.
Parking, Gasoline, Safety
Adjuncts to Driving in Europe

Chapter 19, part 1
Pick up a mobile phone at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.
Telephoning to, from, and within Europe
City Codes, 10-10, cell phones, PTT

Chapter 19, part 2
Mail boxes are stationed almost everywhere in Europe, as is this one next to a canal in Leiden Holland.
Sending Mail to & from Europe
Priority Mail, PTT, Poste Restante

Chapter 19, part 3
An internet cafe in Dresden, Germany. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/172-p1020015-3.jpg
Internet and Email
Europe's Cyber Cafes and WiFi

Chapter 19, part 4
Wiring Cash and Quitting Your Job

Chapter 20
A pharmacie in Paris, France.
Health and Safety in Europe
Travel in Confidence but with Caution

Chapter 21
A young professional parks his bike in Amsterdam.
Working in Europe
Get Paid to Travel

Chapter 22, part 1
The price of an apartment in Paris, France can do serious damage to your bank account.
Moving to Europe
Things to Know Before You Go

Chapter 22, part 2
Prague, Czech Republic would be a good place to reside.
Living in Europe
Travel to the Max as an Expatriate

Chapter 22, Special email
Dave In Ireland
Technical Details for Moving to Europe

Chapter 23
A duty free chocolate shop at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.
Shopping in Europe
Souvenirs, Gifts, and
Stuff You Can't Live Without

Chapter 24
Post offices throughout Europe sell official shipping boxes, just like the USPS.
Shipping Your Treasures Home
Travelers' Options from Europe

Chapter 25
Switzerland still enforces customs duties on any non resident.
Passing Customs in Europe
Know the Rules When Crossing Borders

Chapter 26
Sign: Please do not walk on the grass. http://www.enjoy-europe.com/home/26-DSC0649-3
Languages, Numbers, Alphabets
Encounter The Tower of Babel in Europe

Chapter 27
The metric system of weights and measures is used throughout Europe.
Europe's Metric System
Travel with Grams, Meters, Liters, Centigrade

Chapter 28
Sign: Please do not walk on the grass.
European Dates and Time
Traveling in a Distant Time Zone

Chapter 29
Smart visitors to Paris France always have an umbrella in their day pack.
Weather in Europe
Travel under Your Umbrella

Chapter 30
Smart visitors to Paris France always have an umbrella in their day pack.
Melding with Europe
Travel Is Interesting and Entertaining

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