Paris Skyline and Eiffel Tower. Photo by Stephanie.

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You can travel in Europe with confidence using this first-hand information brought to you directly by the author, yours truly, with a little help from my daughter Stephanie. I have traveled, lived, worked, played, vagabonded, and photographed throughout Europe for a good chunk of my life, on my own thin wallet and incognito with my real name. "John Bermont" is my pen name. On this site there is more essential travel information than you will find in any published guide book, and it is all completely free. This message approved by John Bermont. Updated 25 January 2016.
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Carpe diem. Vivere bene! Gratia Deo.
Borders are meant to be crossed.
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Prime Travel Data
Elementary Travel Information for Europe

Food and Beverage

Bermont's Quiche d'Eschplamb, deep dish sans crust.
Quiche d'Eschplamb

Deep Dish Recipe
Label and bottle photo of a German Riesling Nahe blue bottle wine.
German Wine Labels

How to translate the labels and other stuff to know.

Stephanie's Blogs

A small bull chases Stephanie in Spain.
Bull Flight, Spain

My daughter flees from a charging baby bull.
Stephanie's photo blog of a month in Paris.
O hey Europe

One month in Paris.
A story illustrated.


A rough sketch of Europe.
Maps and Time Zones

Web sites featuring free online maps of Europe.
Chart/graph comparing average temperatures in Atlanta, Chicago, Vienna, and London.
Weather in Europe

Current weather conditions and forecasts.
Chart/graph of the value of the euro 1999 to 2013.
Money Exchange

Currency exchange rates, including the euro.


Queen's Day boats in a canal in Amsterdam, Holland.
Queen's Day, Amsterdam

One of the greatest one-day parties on the planet.
A small portion of the magnificent flower garden at Keukenhof, Lisses, Holland.
Keukenhof, Lisse, NL

A truly beautiful huge
tulip garden.

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A Friend in Holland

A complete apartment.
In Haarlem convenient to Keukenhof, Zandvoort, and Amsterdam.

My day job

Broad Technical Services
Consultant and Writer

My book

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My friends in Michigan

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Natural & Organic Foods
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Specialty Foods
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