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James Broad provides contract
research and writing services.

Chemical Engineering diploma cum laude, University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan.
Post-graduate night school studies in law, business, and engineering.
Dutch, French, and German languages while living in the respective countries.
Travel writer and photographer with extensive European experience.
Computer word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, and web site design.
Career History
Key positions with E&C firms, chemical companies, and environmental consultants.
Numerous engineering, construction, and troubleshooting projects.
Chemical, industrial gas, semi-conductor, petroleum, and other industrial plants.
Various sales positions for technical services, books, and wine.
Teacher and lecturer, high school to university chemistry.
Author (pen name John Bermont) and publisher of a travel book and a web site.
International Experience
Europe, former Soviet Bloc, Middle East, SE Asia, Africa.
Writing Samples
Electricity in Europe: Don't Blow Their Fuses
Photography: Shoot It
German Wine Labels: Taste and Spit
Breakfast: Quiche d'Eschplamb
Federal Reserve Board: Ponzi Scheme on Steroids
Travel: HOW TO EUROPE: The Complete Travelers Handbook
The Whole Enchilada:, Travel with John Bermont
For a full résumé please see the PDF file  James Broad.
James Broad
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